Back Door Please!

I’m dating this girl for about six months. We were pretty serious and I guess you could say she was my girl even though we never gave our relationship a title. One day I pick her up from work and take her to the store. Weather calling for like a foot of snow so the plan was to get snowed in together. We stop at the market and she runs in the liquor store. I don’t drink but I’m ok with people if that’s what they wanna do as they as they don’t get out of control. We get to my house and she pours herself a drink…and then another and then another. Somehow we end up in the shower together and we start having sex. We finish and when we get out the shower she gets another drink. She loved anal sex and asked me to fuck her in the ass. I love pussy but if she wanted it in the ass why not…relationships are about give and take. After we finished that liquor it must have really kicked in because she started talking crazy; I’m a motherfucker; fuck this; fuck that…and so on. I finally said fuck it and walked her drunk ass to the car. She’s cussing me out the whole way and all I want to do is get her to the car without falling down. It’s about 8 inches of snow on the ground and it’s coming down hard but this chick had to go. What normally would’ve been a 15 minute drive took me an hour but it was a risk I was willing to take. We in the car and she yelling, screaming and cussing me out. One time she grabbed the steering wheel and tried to make us swerve into traffic. I finally got her home and it took another 45 minutes just to get her in the building and up the steps to her door. The next day she calls me and asked what happened and how she got home. Her exact words were, “Why am I home and how did I get here. When I woke up I was naked wrapped up in a sheet. I don’t remember what happened last night but I do know we had sex because my asshole hurts.” Snow, Anal Sex, and Liquor don’t mix!

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