Dors became an early focus for the “celebrity exposé” tabloid headlines, most regularly for the News of the World. In a great part, she created this herself in her desperate need for cash, giving an interview after her separation from Hamilton in 1958, which described their lives and adult group parties in full, frank detail. The interview was subsequently serialised in the tabloid for 12 weeks, followed by an extended 6-week series of fake and real stories from fake, real and anonymous friends, adding to her negative publicity. Subsequently the Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher denounced Dors as a “wayward hussy”.

During her relationship with Hamilton, and from the end of the relationship up to a few months before her death, Dors regularly held adult parties at her homes. There, a number of celebrities and young starlets were in close contact, with ample supplies of alcohol and other drugs, against a background of both soft and hard core porn films. Dors gave all her guests full access to the entire private house which, her son Jason Lake later alleged in various media interviews and publications, she had had pre-wired with 8mm movie cameras. The young starlets were made aware of the arrangement, and were allowed to attend for free in return for making sure that their celebrity performed in bed at the right camera angle. Dors would then enjoy watching the unedited films the following morning, keeping an archive of the best performances.

Television news and film media companies with broader interests, partly because of her popularity and partly because of those who were also attending the parties, were unwilling to repeat the stories until well after Dors’ death. Her former lover and party attender Bob Monkhouse later commented in interview after Dors’ death, “The awkward part about an orgy, is that afterwards you’re not too sure who to thank.”

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