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I had the most profound statement made to me about Adam and Eve and who really convinced Adam to eat the apple. Now I am not the most religious person in the world but I love the Lord with all my heart. I arrived at home around 11:00 am in the morning and as I was walking up the walk way I noticed a baby snake in front of my door. Well I really wasn’t going to move it myself and it was time for dinner so I decided to go to my friend house and have dinner with him. My bright idea was after having dinner I was going to take him to my house to remove the snake. Well when I arrived and told him why I didn’t go in the house because it was a snake in front of my door he started laughing so I yelled jokingly, “I’m scared of snakes… a snake is the reason why Adam ate the apple off the tree and got him and Eve evicted from the Garden of Eden” . At that moment my friend said the most profound statement to me, he stated, “No it was not the snake that made Adam eat the fruit of the tree it was Eve! See Eve ate the fruit first and then she told Adam to eat the fruit and he did it like a dummy. See the devil couldn’t get Adam to disobey GOD so he tried the next best thing his lady. The Devil convinced Eve, Eve convinced Adam, and you know the rest of the story and that’s why I don’t trust you females now. It took a female to turn Adam against God!” I sat there with the dumb look on my face because the cat had snatched my tongue out my mouth. I started to wonder is that how some men really think about females that we can’t be trusted at all. I wasn’t insulted when he said it I actually laughed but it was that kind of moment that made me think. He continued on about how he knows Eve had a banging body and a beautiful face. She was probably one of those beautiful exotic looking women, and how he know God made her with some real nice double D’s and thick hips. How Adam loved watching her walk around the garden naked all day. I mean he went into such great details on how BAD he know GOD made Eve. During his 15 min rant on how awesome he know Eve was, all I could I think about is did Eve really set Adam up unknowingly? Do we as females sometimes put our man in a bad situation unknowingly or are some men just weak when it comes to the ill nana. The cat finally gave me my tongue back and I stated to him, “Well that would be the Kim Kardashian effect: The ability to take a strong God fearing man and turn him against all that he believes in for the p@#$y”. At the end of the day the only thing I want to know is….. What line was I standing in when they was giving that kind of p@#$y away in heaven!?

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