Eye Spy on Jet: “Maybe it is Maybelline!”

By: LaShella JET Miller

I went online today to check out the stock market quotes for some of the leading cosmetic companies.  Despite this global recession and horrific financial crisis, several major makeup companies have not yet taken a major dive in profitable gains or revenue growth. One company that continues to see financial and exponential growth is Maybelline.

This famous brand started years ago when T.L. Williams created the Maybelline Company, a family-owned business in 1915. Decades later this brand is still the leading product choice among our millions of female consumers.  From the trademark Great Lash mascara in the hot pink bottle to their most innovative products today, Maybelline is (in my strongest professional opinion) the top brand.

Being a celebrity makeup artist in this industry today, I had the luxury and humbling pleasure to work with many entertainers and Hollywood personalities. When providing them with makeup artistry services, I have to make sure I am using the highest quality of products. Many are surprised to know top preference is, of course, Maybelline!  I highly recommend all the products from the foundations, blush, eye liner, mascara, and most of all the eye shadows.

The most recent product added to the Maybelline family is indeed the groundbreaker of eye shadow products…the Eye Studio 24HR Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eye Shadow.  When this product was first introduced, I thought to myself, “Oh boy…another product with questionable consistency.”  The key to remember when shopping for an eye shadow product is making sure it is triple pigmented. Pigment is what makes the color of the shadow pop and give you color potency and consistency. There is nothing worse than buying eye shadow that requires you to layer it multiple times just to obtain deep color vibrancy.  However, the new Tattoo cream gel shadows are certainly a revolutionary breakthrough in eye makeup and I urge every woman to add at least 1 shade to their personal makeup collection. The beauty about this product is how simple and easy it is to apply. You can coat the eye and build the color as much as you prefer…either way the more color – the merrier the eyes.

Take it from one who has tried (literally) every product on the beauty market…there is no maybe in Maybelline especially because this product is a definite and affordable yes!


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