Hello World!

Welcome to my world and welcome to Ms. Kitty, the brand, the blog and the business.

Ms. Kitty is my new alter ego, lifestyle brand.  The brand will be an unadulterated exploration of being a single female in the 21st century.  Ms. Kitty is a reflection of females who embody a feminist persona of empowerment and independence, while still trying to commingle those roles with some of our more traditional values.   The brand will produce a luxurious line of fun and delightful novelty products, social events and media that focused on being single and sexy in this millennium.

Ms. Kitty, the blog is the first leg of my branding campaign!  It is a tantalizing, interactive representation of the Ms. Kitty persona and hopefully you will follow me, my life and what the streets are saying about dating, relationships, life, love and such!

Ms. Kitty is for everyone!  The blog will discuss topics that relate to living and loving life, while exploring the different viewpoints of men, women and me on sex and love – via entertaining stories, and commentary.  Although most of the topics will be geared towards dating and being single, couples can even enjoy the site because of the healthy exchange of ideas being offered, concerning communicating with a partner.

So how about some information you can use!  As the internet has amply shown us ladies and gentlemen, the more information you have the better you’ll be equipped to handle any given situation.  Keep your eyes open and your ears up kittens!  Who say’s sexy isn’t smart!


Ms. Kitty


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