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Spring Cleaning Time♡♥


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Spring Flings! Out of the frying pan into the fire!So you ready to shed some skin, come out of hibernation and cut off cuddle time with your winter snuggle buddy? Relationships sure do mysteriously and notoriously fall by the waist side when the weather gets warm! Do you find yourself starting ritualistic arguments that cause a break up or simply becoming uninterested in monogamy after the winters lull? If your guilty so seasonally pleasing yourself call me! And spill the tea on your hot and bothered ass… Meow Bitches ‪#‎TRUFFLEBUTTER‬ ‪#‎SPRINGFLINGS‬ ‪#‎BOOTIESHORTS‬ ‪#‎BADBREAKUPS‬ ‪#‎mskittyforever‬ ‪#‎amberrose‬ ‪#‎sickofwinter‬ ‪#‎fuckcupidfrommarchtooctober‬

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Dropping it like its Hot; Knowledge-Things you shouldn’t do once your married?

Now that we’ve discussed, once you make it hot, how to keep it there in our marriage series, what about the what not to do’s of holy matrimony. How does one stay out of temptations way and avoid the hoe-ish ways of their past. What things should one reform in there life to fit into the marriage mold. Is flirting allowed? Can you talk to or be friends with a single person? Should you take advise from single folk or let your parents butt in??? Let’s start a list! If you got the answers married folk call in and let us know, even if you failed miserably at it call in and let us know what you did, so we can add it to the list! Be generous! Meow Bitches! HollaMsKittyRadio_fullADs-2014_Page_4

What I Can Do To Please You? Meow Bitches

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Wifey Material; What do men want in a Millennium Wife?Is it still, “the kitchen and the bedroom, Florida”?  Or are those days of wanting domesticated women and “I want a woman like my mama”, over and done with?  Inquiring minds want to know fellas, what in this day, and age, do you want in a wife?  Is it a partner or a caretaker?  Lover or a Mother?  Or maybe you want it all!  We are trying to answer the question for those that are looking to qualify…what’s it take, to get a ring put on it? And don’t say Beyonce.  Meow Bitches!